Antique Mechanical Doorbell

Complete doorbell made by Sargent in their famous Ecado pattern. Pulled from my long time collection, both T-handle pull and bell are made of bronze. The handle is marked Sargent & Co, both pieces have Pat. dates of 1885. All pieces retain great patina with their original blemish free finish. The bell has all original parts with no repairs, having a great sounding chime. Bell would normally mount on the inside, close to the center of the door, Two mounting tabs are positioned in the 3 and 9:00 position.
T-handle is opposite, on front side. All complete in perfect condition, free from issues, guaranteed . Bell measures 5" in diameter with tabs: 6" Mounting holes are 5-3/8" on center.
T-handle is 3-1/2" H. X 2-1/4" W. {4} mounting holes 1-1/2" & 2-1/4" apart Will operate on a door up to 2-1/4" thick.

Price: $395 -

Item # 323