Antique Mechanical Door Bell

Complete solid bronze bell and bell ringer, actual bell is nickel plated. Base is cast iron. The plating is 100% intact. All of the internal parts are complete and original with no repairs. This is one of the higher quality bells ever produced having a double ringer and a great sounding ring tone. The maker is unknown, the back is stamped: PAT.FEB.25th 1879. The pull down section is not marked. Easy to install, Designed to fit a door up to 2-1/2" thick. The tabs on the handle lever were never cut. Bell normally mounts close to the middle section of the door on the inside. Handle mounts outside, opposite bell. Operation: Handle will normally be in the upper position, when pulled down it rings the bell. When released, it springs back up, and rings again.
Bell is 5" in diameter, mounting tabs are 6-3/8" apart. Mount holes 5-1/2" apart. Mounts with tabs in 12:00 & 6:00 position.Handle is 3-1/4" H. X 2-1/4" W. Mounting holes are 2-1/2" apart.

Price: $ 375 -

Item # 312