Rare Figural Lion Head Doorbell  

This is the only antique door bell button I have ever seen that has glowing red eyes. Guarantee your neighbor doesn't have one of these. Operation, The lions eyes and button stay lite continuously, or only when bell is rang, depending on the way it's wired. I included a schematic. And it's been tested. But will explain to interested buyer. 3 low voltage wires are needed to make the lions eyes light up. The light bulbs used are model train screw in bulbs, so you can change the color of the eyes. The working lights are now red. How cool would that look lite up at night? Made from a type of maintenance free pot metal. Guessing this dates from the 20's to 40's Has the old cloth wires that are in perfect shape

Measures: 6" high x 3-3/4" wide x 2" deep. It's approx. two -three LBS
Call for price and info. before buying.
Contact Number: (240) 595-1115    (Tom Iannucci)

Item # 309