Door plate Made by MCCC/R&E  

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This set was removed from the Treasury Department in Washington D.C.

Most all of these knobs/plates were installed on double doors, c.1870

Apparently at some point they added on or renovated a section of the Treasury Department, for some unknown reason they removed many of these knobs with matching door plates and soldered the two together. It's possible that the MCCC hardware was replaced with lever style handles to accommodate the disabled?

I have found that when removing the plate/knob that was installed on the stationary door, when removed, they soldered the knob to the door plate.

I found many that had a display board that they were mounted on after the knob and door plate was soldered together. The display board was little more than dark stained plywood that detracted from the superb hardware, so I removed the board. This may have been done to give away to the employers as a souvenir?

I have found several of these from different parts of the U. S. that were all soldered & done the exact same way.

This plate and knob I am offering is in perfect condition with no ware to either the knob or plate. This would be perfect to use as one part of a double door. I also have the single knob and single door plate that were not soldered together that would go on the second double door to make a complete working set for a double entry door if needed. All parts are in perfect condition with no wear as if seldom used.

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