Figural bronze passage set made by P.F.Corbin

Very high quality set that retains the factory silver plating that was applied to the background. The original finish is about as perfect as you will ever find on both knobs and plates. This was made around c.1890. This set was removed from a Victorian mansion and this style doesn't surface often. There are four figural heads in the scrolling on the plates. One on top, another of the same on bottom and two more on sides, under the knobs. They look like The Man of the North Wind. The face of the lock was not silver plated but does have the original factory finish that was not shined but retains a bright luster along with one side of the strike plate, reverse side of strike plate was silver plated.Mortise lock has a strong spring and works well. All parts of the set are heavy solid bronze with deep relief & crisp details. Won't be disappointed!

Passage knobs are 2-1/4" in diameter.
Back set; 2 5/8"
Both plates are; 9-7/8" x 2-3/4"
Face of lock is; 5-1/4" x 1"
Face of lock is bronze and latch is reverseable, comes with original strike plate.
Mortise body is iron; 3-1/2" high by 3" deep.

Item # 1303