Large Antique Figural Door set  

Large Antique Figural Door set If you wanted to decorate your front door this set would be hard to top. Large entry size eagle doorplates with a bit of history. made by Yale. Both entry size door plates along with the one large plainer knob were removed from our old Federal Post Office Building in Washington D.C. This building was just recently bought by President Trump and remodeled into a hotel right before he took office. I pinned the Eagle knob onto one side and fits the knob socket like a glove. All 4 pieces are heavy, cast in bronze, highest of quality, produced by Yale around 1910. The eagles that top the door plates are extra-large, approx.{2-1/2 x 3"} Both knobs and the two doorplates are in exceptional condition with original, unblemished finish. Eagle knob is 2-1/4" Plain knob 2-1/2" Both door plates are 12" x 3-1/2" Has a 3/8" entry size spindle. Will fit a door that is at least 1-3/8" thick or larger.

   Price: $500-

Item # 1301